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Minnesota: Sundowner Winnie Tascas

August 14, 2017

June−The Sundowners gathered 18 units at the Alexandria Shooting Club and RV Park in Alexandria June 22-25. Several members had come directly from the Northwoods mid-week campout in Bemidji. Hosts Darryl and Vicki Bonin, Lowell and Sharon Anderson, and Orville and Betty Wilkens had planned and organized a very nice weekend. Those who were there by Thursday had the opportunity to enjoy a free outdoor country-rock concert at the courthouse in town.

By Friday morning, the weather had turned unseasonably cold with a strong sharp wind. That was the end of sitting about outdoors to chat. All weekend people only scurried from their motorhomes to the building or their cars. It's not supposed to be under 50 degrees in the beginning days of a MN summer.

Friday began with a tour of Donnelly Custom Manufacturing, a huge sprawling injection mold plastics facility. They make all sorts of parts from very small to very large, mostly for industrial use. The lengthy tour included an explanation of the processes involved in injection molding and a close-up look at the machinery and the molds used. Though much of the work is robotic, the corporation has a great many employees.

In the afternoon, the Copper Trail Brewing Company sort of reneged on their promise of a tour and a separate room for the group to taste their wares. There was no tour and no separate room. For that matter, there was no tasting, but interested parties could purchase glasses of beer. There were many who tasted each other's beers.

In spite of stuffing themselves on pizza, chicken, and sundry other goodies Friday evening, everyone was still ready to partake of a big spread of potluck breakfast on Saturday morning. Hosts served up Polish sausage and beans and ice cream for Saturday's dinner. After dinner, a game of card bingo was played. The game took longer than expected because one table of men was very slow and somewhat rowdy. (You know who you are!)

Between meals and other activities, members were free to explore all that Alexandria has to offer—Big Ole in Central Park, the Kensington Runestone Museum and Park, fishing, hiking, and shopping. Alexandria has been rated as 22nd of the top 100 best small towns in America. Many played games in the building.

The weekend always ends all too soon.

By Marcia Fabricius