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Colorado: Aspen Leaf Winnies

August 14, 2017

June−Ahhhhhhh! is usually the exclamation uttered as you crest the hill to view the grandeur of the sight of the CO Mountains and Rocky Mountain National Park up close and personal! Even those of us who have visited often have the same reaction as "first timers." The mountain village of Estes Park, nestled at the foot of the mountains, was the destination for the Aspen Leaf Winnies June rally. Some members arrived on Thursday in order to spend a little extra time in this marvelous town and to enjoy the hospitality of Elk Meadow Lodge and Campground.

The majority of our ten coach group arrived on Friday and the rally festivities got underway with a dinner of Wally Waligorski's famous brats. Other members brought yummy side dishes and desserts to create a wonderful potluck. In spite of a brisk wind making it difficult to keep the colorful tablecloths in place, we had a good time renewing friendships and making new friends of our newest members, Sally and Ken Miller. Welcome aboard. After dinner, our vice president managed to conduct a brief meeting over the noise of the wind and some members put together a bonfire in the Lodge's fire pit. It was carefully supervised to protect any sparks from the wind.

Saturday was to each his own. There is so much to do and see in Estes that no one had a problem entertaining themselves with shopping, driving into the park, or just relaxing until it was time to gather and carpool to an Estes long-time restaurant, the Dunraven Inn. This old and historic Italian restaurant has marvelous food and great atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed this special evening (at least we didn't hear any complaints.)

Sunday was time for a continental breakfast provided by our rally hosts and the many hugs, kisses, and goodbyes as farewells are accompanied by SAFE TRAVELS till we meet again.

Being a part of this wonderful group for many years, I have found very dear friends and lots of good times. I would encourage anyone with a Winnebago RV to join their local group and enjoy the many benefits a local club has to offer.

By Jo Ryden