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Indiana: Indiana Meanderers

August 01, 2017

June−This year's Who's Yur Winnies June state outing was held at the Old Mill Run Campground in Thorntown, IN. The IN Meanderers were hosts for the outing and the club officers Janet Gish, Kathy Rieck, and Carol Thomas were the wagon masters. Janet did an awesome job of ordering great weather for the first day and the last two days with a spotty rainstorm in between. It had been a long time since we'd had an outing in Thorntown and it seemed like the campground had grown a lot!

There were 29 people at the outing in 16 motorhomes including: Bruce and Kathy Barta, John and Sandy Ellis, Scott Feichter, Jim and Nancy Gineris, Glen and Janet Gish, Wendell and Joellen Hilligoss, Ron and Tammy Kline, Dave and Linda Laird, Dorothy Michalak, Bill Newcomb and Jean Powell, Brad and Sue Rayl, Bob and Ruth Stoeckley, Fred and Carol Thomas, Lori Tindall, Bruce Wiseman and Tina Hilton, and Perry and Karen Yeley.

There were six early bird coaches that arrived on Wednesday afternoon. A group stayed at the campground and had a "bring your own" meat to barbeque and another group went into Lebanon and had dinner at Parky's Smokehouse restaurant. All the good food was followed by a nice campfire and conversation.

By Thursday afternoon, everyone but Tammy had arrived and had set up (she just won't give up her day job) and we had a nice pitch-in dinner provided by the Meanderers. After dinner, we had the state meeting and also our individual local club meetings which were followed by games in Clark Hall and a campfire by Ellis's coach.

Last June we took a tour of Sechler's Pickle factory in St. Joe, IN and got to wear hairnets on our heads and, for some, on their beards. This year on Friday morning, we caravanned into Donaldson's Finer Chocolate Factory and got to wear those same attractive hair and beard nets, but at least we got to see delicious chocolate candies being made and we could sample the goodies before and afterwards. It was amazing to see just how quickly some of the candy sets up and is ready for cutting and processing. This was a fun, educational, and delicious experience for all!

The rain came early on Friday and it made for a fairly lazy day. Some of us left the factory tour and went to Flap-Jacks Pancake House for a late breakfast/early lunch. Then I think several went back to their coaches for a little afternoon napping (I know for sure we did!). Then we were off to Stookey's Restaurant in Thorntown for dinner where several sampled their infamous onion rings. Upon returning to the campground, we gathered in Clark Hall to play some card bingo the Laird's way. We had several tables of four and quickly caught on to the new way of playing bingo to win prizes donated by several members and also lots of Pampered Chef goodies donated by Lori. Ron Kline was our entertaining caller for the games in which everyone was a winner (after letting all of us "losers" play one game until we each won). Fun time and lots of nice prizes!

Saturday morning Lori put on a Pampered Chef demonstration and we got to not only see some of the new products, we got to sample some of her freshly made 3-minute dip and assorted snacks dipped in warm chocolate fondue. Quite a yummy breakfast! Thanks, Lori!

The rest of the day we were free to do nothing or go shopping or explore the surrounding area. Lebanon was close and also there were some nearby state parks to visit. That evening we met at the Mayberry Café in Danville and enjoyed an excellent meal before heading back to the campground for a really nice campfire.

Sunday morning we met at Scott's coach for a final get-together. It was a beautiful sunny morning to say our goodbyes.

By Carol Thomas