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Illinois: Cardinal Capers

August 01, 2017

June−Our outing was held at a new venue for CC members. Big Rock Campground is part of the Kane County Park District. The sites were roomy, but pretty spread out for a group. Members attending were: Browns, Connetts, Jim D., Frosts, Gastels, Hickses, Dean, Korzuns, Olsons, Rudolphs, Schulzes, Wallins, Wrights, and Watnes (who didn't camp, but visited often).

Thursday evening we enjoyed happy hour. Olsons showed us the beautiful stained glass Ted has done for our silent auction item for IL Indians. We are going to be the envy of the other chapters when they see this! Thanks, Ted, for sharing your talent with us! After supper, Jim Gastel set up a projector and gave us an emotional testimony of his Vets Roll trip to Washington DC. It was a little hard to see the photos in the light, but he described it so well we didn't really need to see them. He was overwhelmed by the love and gratitude of people of all ages thanking him and his fellow veterans for their service. On the bus trip home, each veteran was presented with an envelope of letters from home and also from school children all over the country who drew pictures and wrote notes to the veterans, which was a very emotional experience. There weren't any dry eyes on the bus. Jim encouraged the veterans in the group to sign up for future trips, saying it was the trip of a lifetime.

Friday morning the ladies departed for Esther's Place in Big Rock, a cute wool shop run by a young lady, Natasha, who learned how to do many things with the wool off her family's sheep farm. She cards it, spins it, dyes it, makes yarn and adorable felt items, plus wearable art. She has won many awards for her wearable art, beautiful scarfs, jackets, and dresses. Paula bought a kit to attempt to make a felt gnome. She invited us back any time to take a class.

The men departed for the Air Classics Museum of Aviation in Sugar Grove. Some of the highlights are a collection of aircraft from WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Desert Storm. There was an A4 Skyhawk plane that Jim Gastel flew as a Marine pilot and Dennis sat in a Huey helicopter from when he served in Vietnam. Well worth the time and was enjoyed by all.

After an afternoon of garage sales in Hinckley, we had supper at the J&K Half Moon in Hinckley. Most had fish, but several folks ordered pizza from the Fat Olive next door. A few folks stopped for ice cream at the Dairy Joy on the way home, but we aren't naming any names. We came home and had a nice campfire and tech chat about all the ways to use a smartphone.

Saturday morning was a hearty breakfast. We held our business meeting afterwards in gale force winds. During the day, some members went back to Hinckley to the garage sales and an auction, while others just explored the area. Dean showed the Browns and Wallins his farm and his beautiful secluded camping area by the creek.

Barb and Toby joined us again in the afternoon to play the games Barb organized for us. We left Sunday morning after our finger foods breakfast.

By Paula Olson