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North Carolina: Winnie Tarheel Travelers

August 01, 2017

June−We had fourteen coaches at our campout at Mayberry. Our attendees were: Bob Smith, Kim and Larry Green, Carol and David Beedie, Merv and Mary Lou McComas, Mark and Paul Carter, Mark and Vicky Morgan, Joe and Sandy Easterwood, Daryl Alexander, Al and Cheryl Haynes, David and Cheryl Swearingen, and Don and Sandy Gholson. We had guests Allen and Brenda Carter (Mark's brother) and Richard and Dorothy Oakes from the western group. Wes and Mary Shuttleworth were the hosts for the weekend.

The weekend actually began on Thursday as a number of members came early. We started out Thursday with a social hour at the pavilion. It was a great time to get to renew friendships. We had dinner at our coaches.

On Friday, more coaches came in and we had a full house. We had free time in the morning and afternoon then our social time followed. We went to The Depot at Cody Creek in Dobson—WOW! What a wonderful and beautiful place. The food was good, too. It was just a treat to see the grounds of this beautiful place. Everyone remarked about the restaurant and how nice it was and the food was very good and prices reasonable.

On Saturday morning, the Shuttleworths and Haynes provided us with a yummy breakfast. A lot of members went into Mt. Airy to visit Mayberry and have lunch at Snappy's for their well-known pork sandwich. Just visiting Mayberry where the Andy Griffith show was enacted was a treat.

Saturday night we had our social and then a potluck dinner and, as always, had way too much good food and desserts. We had a mother robin in the rafters feeding her babies and what a treat that was—so sweet to watch.

On Sunday morning, we went to the pavilion for breakfast. For our devotional, Al Haynes sang "The Church on the Hill" and how lovely he sings. We then said our goodbyes for a wonderful weekend.

By Mary Shuttleworth