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Oklahoma: Sooner Schooners

April 13, 2017

March−We met at the Durant KOA, being part of the Okiebagos spring outing. Those in attendance were: Canidas, Carvers, Harriss, Zwiegels, Stones, Grimes, Adamsons, Towns, Wrights, Theriots, Parnells, Longs, Wyhlies, Standridges, Sills, Andersons, and Walls. We also had the Fergusons from TX. Despite the March winds, a good time was had by all of us.

On Wednesday night, we went to Rib Crib in Durant for some good barbecue; Thursday night we ate catfish and shrimp at BG's in Kingston; Friday night was potluck, with Okiebagos furnishing a really good lasagna meal; and Saturday night we had leftovers and grilled burgers at the clubhouse. Thanks to all you, ladies, for the excellent side dishes, especially the desserts. In addition to several card games, we played beanbag baseball during this outing.

Sooner Schooners having birthdays in March were: Reg Templemeyer, Lou Michael, Reatha Hill, Troy Messer, Susie Smeal, and a person who tried to sneak it by us—Janet Wright. "Happy Birthday" to all.

At our business meeting on Saturday, we discussed the "Spring Fling" at Winstar RV Park and other upcoming events. Lastly, we talked about GNR. A $50 donation was approved to the GNR Youth Camp.

Larry and Thelma Theriot have agreed to host "Show and Tell" again after being absent last year. I'll get with Alan and Lou and see if they will help. Thanks, Larry. And, Marion Towns has agreed to chair the nominating committee this year.

We welcomed Bob and Debbie Adamson into the Sooner Schooner family during the outing. They were already members of Okiebagos and Green Country. Thanks, Bob and Debbie.

At the end of the meeting, we all gave a loud round of applause to Darrell Carver and officers of Okiebagos for hosting and for doing an excellent job.

By HB Canida