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Arizona: Arizona Sunbirds

April 13, 2017

March−From Mar. 16-19, eleven coaches and one guest enjoyed the facilities at the Butterfield RV Resort, Benson, AZ. Our campout hosts were Jack and Millie Eckardt and cohosts were Tom and Vicki Coulter. We welcomed our newest members, Jeff and Linda Ottle, to the chapter.

With the wonderful mild weather, we carpooled to an active AZ western movie set, "Gammon's Gulch." There we received a two-hour tour by the owner, Jay Gammons, regaling us with great stories, music, and showing us movie memorabilia from the numerous movies and very famous actors that have been on the set! A very enjoyable time! The RV resort is well deserving its outstanding Good Sam rating with good facilities, new Pickleball court, and wonderful on-site planetarium! We all enjoyed the free evening presentations by local astronomers giving a tour of the numerous astral marvels in the clear southwestern sky!

Saturday dinner was provided by our hosts with all-day cooked racks of ribs…delicious!

After Sunday morning pastries and juice, we were off to home and looking forward to the next outing.

By Bill Craig