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California: San Diego Rolling Homes

March 20, 2017

California:  San Diego Rolling Homes

February−We had a little bit of a challenge at our February outing, but you'd never know it by the bright happy faces. Not having a clubhouse allowed everyone to show their toughness with a bit of rain and cold. Actually, the rain treated us very well in spite of it all. Thankfully, our wagonmasters, Dan and Linda, were able to arrange the use of the Sweetwater Summit picnic shelter for a few hours on Friday evening. We had a roof over our head and three walls to protect us from the wind. Many thanks to the staff at one of the best county parks in the San Diego area for being so kind to accommodate us.

Back home on the ranch (at our wagonmaster site), the weather held off so everyone could enjoy dinner. There was certainly good quality around the fire, too. Once again, we didn't have to offer a burnt offering of one of our group because someone was a little aggressive keeping the fire going.

It was one of our colder temperature outings, but all of our campouts are wonderful!

By John Hammond