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Special Interest: WIT Singles Club

March 20, 2017

March−By now, everyone has seen all the articles about this year's GNR and information about the WIT Singles Club.

This year is very special for our group as it was formed in 1987, which means we are celebrating our 30th birthday and would like all owners of a Winnebago product who are single to join us for the party. Every member and those that join the chapter during GNR will be given a 30th year pin to promote the celebration of our club.

Last year was my third time attending GNR, but my first as a single. I had originally registered to be in a home state row. Prior to leaving for Forest City, I contacted Jane Vogel, immediate past president, to ask questions about the Singles Club. She contacted me shortly after receiving my email and I will always remember our conversation because it primarily consisted of three statements: 1) We are not a dating group; 2) One mandatory obligation—happy hour everyday—not a drinking event, but a chance to visit and get to know others and what and where they go in their RV; and 3) Do you want to sit in a row by yourself where you don't know anyone.

The two weeks spent at GNR was one of the most wonderful and fulfilling times I have spent at any rally. After almost a year, I have stayed in contact with many of those who were in attendance last year and makes it a very exciting time to be looking forward to going back to GNR this July.

You will find people from all walks of life and many, many interests, but everyone brings to the table the same thing—ready to meet new friends and broaden their knowledge of the RV life as a single.

If you are thinking of attending GNR, please get on the phone to WIT Club staff to register and let them know you want to be in the singles row. There won't be a stranger there, just a lot of new friends you haven't met yet who are waiting to greet you. Oh, one last thing, THERE IS NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

By Fred Dahlman