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Iowa: We Wan To Go

January 04, 2017

November−The first luncheon of the 2016 winter season was held Nov. 19 at the Los Altos Mexican Restaurant in Story City. Mike and Cathy Isebrand were the hosts. The We Wan To Gos had 15 units there out of 29 for 52 percent. Those attending were:Gary and Donna Adams; Lyle and Marrlee Airey; Reggie and Caroline Andersen; Dale and DeAnn Barnhill; Bill and Pat Consolver and granddaughter, Hannah; Randy and Karen Corning; Myrna Elliott and son, Dave; Mike and Carol Gammon; Dave and Cathy Good; Julie Hanel;Stan and Stella Huber;Mike and Kathy Isebrand; Richard and Paula Nichols; Dick and Linda Pawlowski; and Wanda Wendt.

During the luncheon, Marrlee Airey and Myrna Elliott, as members and on behalf of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), made a special presentation. This year, the DAR is recognizing Vietnam era veterans. The two recognized U.S. Navy veteran, Gary Adams, for his service during the Vietnam War. Gary briefly summarized his service locations and duties.

By Roger Cox