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Indiana: Indybagos

January 04, 2017

November−The Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, but I want to mention some things we can all be thankful for. First of all is family that really makes it all worthwhile. Another thing for me is the lifestyle we enjoy in these "homes on wheels." I don't think Linda or I had any idea how much we would enjoy having a motorhome. Beyond being able to enjoy traveling and being "snowbirds," the new friends we have made is most rewarding. It would be difficult to count how many people we have met through RVing—and the vast majority have been the very nicest of people.

The very first WIT rally we attended in Crawfordsville was a "coin toss" for us as we weren't sure about going, but the warm welcome we received and the great time we had meeting everyone has made our outings an important event in our lives.

Thank you all for that. It's also great to welcome new members which will keep the chapter going for years to come.

By Dave Laird