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Washington: Sun Catchers

December 31, 1969

July−We started in Castle Rock (WA) at Silver Cove RV Park in 90-degree weather. Some went to the local county fair while the rest of us tried to stay cool. Our host, Andy Karlsnes, provided hamburgers and brats for Saturday dinner and the group did the side dishes. Once the sun went down, so did the temps. A few of us played card games then. The sunsets were fabulous! 

Sunday we caravanned through Portland to McMinnville and Olde Stone Village RV. Temps rose to 103 degrees. Two of us headed for the pool. We had a great room for gathering and enjoyed happy hours in comfort. The main activity there is the Evergreen Museum with the Spruce Goose.  Many took advantage of that, using the shuttle from the RV park to the museum. A couple of us went to the glassworks that we found closed but enjoyed a drive around the area. Lee and Norma Ingraham from AZ joined us for the afternoon and fourteen of us went to a great Mexican restaurant for dinner. Most of us enjoyed large margaritas and lots of laughs. The food was fabulous! 

On to Newport to the Marina and RV Park. Temps cooled down to normal for most of us. We had a nice room for gathering and Tim and Jill did a dinner of sausage, shrimp, potatoes, corn, onions and spices in a large can, shaped like a milk can, on the stove top. There was a misprint on the spices and the salt took over. We got enough to eat but drank lots of liquid (like that's a problem). Most of us went to the Newport Aquarium the next morning and various sites in the afternoon. We gathered for happy hour but had dinner on our own. 

Thursday we headed to Tillamook. Doug and Sherri Sprouse had arranged for us to take a train ride from Garibaldi to Rockaway Beach that afternoon. The weather was perfect so we chose the open railcar for the half hour trip. We had a half hour in Rockaway Beach, just enough time to check out a shop or two and get an ice cream for the half hour return trip. A fun afternoon! Dinner was whatever leftovers we had and one of our best! Especially the fresh chocolate cookies Sue Purdy made for us! 

Our last stop for the week was Artic RV Park just south of Aberdeen. We had some rain that was a nice change. The local tavern arranged a smoked pork roast for dinner with corn on the cob, beans, and salad. It was delicious! The next day several of us took a drive out to Washaway Beach to see the latest changes. Two more blocks are gone in the last year. It was really sad! We took some pictures to show others. Then the group of us headed to Brooklyn Tavern for lunch. We had no problem finding it this time. And the hamburgers were yummy! The inside is covered with old implements from the past plus many pictures and sayings that brought a chuckle. After a few took naps, we gathered outside for a final happy hour. 

We thanked Andy Karlsnes for setting up such a great road tour and activities.

By Mary Adolphsen