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To learn more, please contact the WIT Office at 1-800-643-4892.

Office hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CST weekdays.

Consumer Engagement Manager
Denise Hagen
Phone 641-585-6728

Winnebago Outdoor Adventures Administrator
Pam Urbatsch
Phone 641-585-6466

Winnebago Outdoor Adventures Administrator
Melissa Kearney
Phone 641-585-6267

WIT Club Coordinator
Heidi Fedders
Phone 641-585-6874

WIT Club Membership & Marketing Specialist
Brynn Daniels
Phone 641-585-6464

Eastern Area Representatives
Stewart & Tammy Smith
Phone Stewart: 240-538-3369, Tammy: 240-538-3370

Western Area Representatives
Butch & Becky Moore
Phone Butch: 269-615-7049, Becky: 269-615-7050

Central Area Representatives
Patrick & Janet Wright
Phone Patrick: 405-641-9059, Janet: 405-620-7871